Ban lãnh đạo

Mr. Meister, B.H.M.S. President/CEO

"It is my pleasure to welcome you to the B.H.M.S. Business & Hotel Management School. We will strive to provide you with a learning environment that is challenging, yet supportive of your personal interests and needs. We want you to succeed while you are here and, equally important, we want to prepare you for the challenges of a global career."

Mr. Heinrich Meister


Mr. Beat Wicki, B.H.M.S. Director

"As director of B.H.M.S. it as a privilege to guide students in their professional and personal development during their whole study journey at our campus. Together we can develop the next generation of hospitality and business managers. My experience and expertise in setting up schools and educational programs all over the world helps me in finding good solutions for most of the challenges."

Mr. Beat Wicki


Mrs. Heather Robinson, Academic Dean

"As Academic Dean I am committed to ensuring each individual student has a positive learning experience  and gains contemporary knowledge and skills needed to develop a successful career in the hospitality and wider service sector."

Mrs. Heather Robinson